BasicTools.IO.LSDynaWriter module

LSDyna file writer. Documentation of the format:

class BasicTools.IO.LSDynaWriter.KWriter[source]

Bases: WriterBase

Class to write an LSDyna file

Write(meshObject, useOriginalId=False, PointFieldsNames=None, PointFields=None, CellFieldsNames=None, CellFields=None, GridFieldsNames=None, GridFields=None)[source]

Write data to a LSDyna file

  • meshObject (_type_) – _description_

  • useOriginalId (bool, optional) – _description_, by default False

  • PointFieldsNames (None) – Not Used, by default None

  • PointFields (None) – Not Used, by default None

  • CellFieldsNames (None) – Not Used, by default None

  • CellFields (None) – Not Used, by default None

  • GridFieldsNames (None) – Not Used, by default None

  • GridFields (None) – Not Used, by default None

BasicTools.IO.LSDynaWriter.WriteMeshToK(fileName, mesh, useOriginalId=False)[source]

Function API for writing data into a LSDyna file

  • fileName (str) – name of the file to be written

  • mesh (UnstructuredMesh) – support of the data to be written

  • useOriginalId (bool, optional) – If True, Original Id for the number of nodes and elements are used (the user is responsible of the consistency of this data), by default False