BasicTools.FE.FeaBase module

class BasicTools.FE.FeaBase.FeaBase(spaceDim=3, size=1)[source]

Bases: BaseOutputObject

Base class for a finit element solver, this class is experimental

normaly a finit element solver has a mesh (slef.mesh), a solution vector (self.sol), a linear solver (self.solver), the dimensionality of the physical space (1D,2D,3D) (self.spaceDim), and the number of dofs to allocate the objects. All the other parts (asembly operator, IO). must be defined in the derived class


To computhe the cinematic relation in terms of dofs.

The the cinematic relations are stored in the solver


This fuction must be eliminated (it uses


Function to extract fields from the solution vector and to put it into fields data


Function to extract from the Unkown fields a solution vector


To eliminate the solution vector and to reset the linear solver


To solve a problem with the same tangent operator but with a different RHS term


To set the mesh

Solve(cleanK, cleanff)[source]

Solve a linear system using the internal solver with the cinematic reations calculated previously